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Saturday, February 12, 2011

When Grandma Davies turned 60

Memories from Glenna:

When my mother was turning 60, Shirley decided it was time to give her a party. At that time mother was working in Brooks, Alberta as a nursing aid. This party was supposed to be a surprise. So I took a plane from Vancouver to Calgary and Murray picked me up and they drove down to Shirley and Walter’s house in Champion. Shirley finally had to tell mom what was going on because she didn’t want to come over on Friday as it would cause her to miss the Friday night dance. (Part of the surprise was that relatives and friends were invited to an open-house.) Finally, Shirley had to tell her people were coming to celebrate her birthday. Even so, the thought of her missing a dance on Friday was almost too much for her!!

As you all know she loved to dance.

So she drove over from Brooks and she didn’t plan to be surprised as now she knew friends and relatives were coming. It was a surprise that she wasn’t expecting when I appeared. That was really a surprise to her. We had a nice family birthday with niece Mable Hull and some of their family and her mother were also there. And Uncle Glen, Aunt Rachel and I don’t remember who else. Then later an open house with lots of friends came by. It was fun, she enjoyed it, I guess she forgave us for missing the Friday night dance.

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